01 / Project info

Helping runners go faster and further injury-free on iOS

At least 50 percent of regular runners get hurt each year, more often from overuse. I desgned and built this app to solve this problem. Runsense helps runners to train more mindfully through journalling about their runs, monitoring aches and pains and keeping tabs on training volume. It also shares daily training advice from elite athletes.


Product Design
Visual Design
Front & Back-end Development



1 Year

02 / Project goals


03 / Results


I decided to solve a real-world problem by exercising both my design and development skills. I started by building a simple app which provided a daily piece of mindful running advice, tested this with users using TestFlight and then iterated on it. As I developed the app further I added in Apple Health integration, journal functionality and injury tracking.

The app was build in Swift with a number of external APIs and services. As this was my first experience coding a mobile app, I kept most of the logic within the app itself rather than creating a separate web API, although notifications are served by a node function.

Cloudkit database

Data store for users, journal entries and injuries. I used Cloudkit as it provided privacy for user data, low cost and easy integration.


Apple stores all workouts in Healthkit. I allow users to see runs that are stored on their devbcie and import them into the app.


This service acts a CMS to store running tips which comprise of quotation copy, author name and mugshot image.

Google cloud services

Notifications are triggered using a node.js cloud function which sends messages to the Notification Service Extension. The cloud scheduler is used to automate these so they can be received at a daily interval.

Mixpanel & Intercom

These were used to log analytics and to provide communication with customers in-app.

To ensure the app was maintable, extensible and with reusable components I adopted an MVC architecture to separate out the logic and data components from UI controls.


The visual design for the app took inspiration from paper-based running journals. I used a monochrome palette with colourful highlights used to provide pops of colour. Hand-drawn underlines reinforce the journal aesthetic.

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