01 / Project info

Making Wear OS smartwatches more personal and indispendible

Wear OS is a version of Google's Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables. I lead the UX for a number of pods which make the watch a more personal & helpful device for consumers. This ranges from enabling developers like Spotify and Strava to easily build premium glanceable experiences, to creating new watch face features like Photos and Weather.


Product Strategy

User Experience

Visual Design





02 / Project goals


03 / Results

Watch face features

Watch Faces are the biggest app category on Wear with ~30% of daily downloads and occupying 65% of the Wear app catalog. Leading the UX for the Watch Faces pod, I've been responsible for a number of projects including the photo watch faces initiative using Google's new DWF (declarable watch face) standard. This project allows watch face designers to create beautifal faces utilising photos in many different ways.

There have been a number of significant complexities to work through with this project such as ensuring that users have a consistent experience for editing their watch face on the device and through a companion app on their phone. Watches also have many design and technical constraints.

As well as UX expertise, I've also been able to bring technical know-how to this project suggesting improvements to improve storage, backup issues and performance across multiple watch faces.

Similarly I also work on Weather features, which allow watch faces to show different weather conditions and allow designers the ability to change the watch face style based on weather parameters.

Growth & retention strategy

A significant number of users lapse and churn from their devices often within the first week. I worked on a Wear OS Growth & Retention strategy to tackle this issue. Myself and a product manager explored a number of different high-level concepts and solutions and assessed their impact and priority. These were then presented as a roadmap for features against WearOS releases and a number of concepts for first-week engagement were taken through to in-house lab research studies.

Guidance & best practices

As well as features and strategies, I worked on guidance and best practices for Google's Android Development and Design site as well as third-party developers such as Spotify and Strava and OEM partners including Samsung.

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